What is a linked list and how to implement a basic linked list in JavaScript?

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Hello, devs.

Today I want to dive deep into a very specific data structure to hold a collection that’s called linked list.

First, I’ll briefly explain the array problem and how linked lists came to solve those problems and then we’ll how to…

A quick npm package to ease the complexity of npm scripts.

As a JavaScript developer (no matter back or front-end), we often rely upon npm scripts to automate common tasks like starting a server, building a project, and even performing tasks before or after certain scripts like postbuild, prebuild, etc.

When those commands are simple like node index.js, having them a…

A simple and quick way of validating if you’re publishing is correct.

Since I’ve started using npm as a JS package manager (maybe back in 2015), I always wanted to publish my own packages which could be either a very particular package I’d use in my side projects or a package that attempts to solve a common problem and help the other…

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